Wednesday 13 December 2017

'I felt an almighty stabbing pain', says ex-Herald man shot in neck

Australian journalist Adam Harvey, wearing neck brace, in hospital. Photo: REUTERS
Australian journalist Adam Harvey, wearing neck brace, in hospital. Photo: REUTERS

A former Herald journalist has survived being hit in the neck by a stray bullet while covering the conflict in the Philippines.

Correspondent Adam Harvey, who used to work for the Herald and the Irish Independent in Dublin, posted an image on Twitter of an X-ray showing the bullet lodged in his neck.

His injuries are not life- threatening, said a director at his current employer, ABC Australia.

Harvey, who is from Australia, was in the Philippines, where militants aligned to Islamic State (IS) have taken control of parts of the island of Mindanao.

He told ABC he was on the frontline wearing a flak jacket and helmet yesterday morning before being moved back to "what was considered a safe zone".

"I was bending down. We stopped and I opened the back door of the car to get some food and water and I felt an almighty stabbing at the side of my neck," he said.

"I went down on the ground and I thought I'd been hit by a bit of shrapnel. I started bleeding, and luckily we had our ABC first aid kit, so we started doing some first aid.

"Then I was taken to a medical centre and they took me for observation at another hospital, then they did X-rays and discovered it wasn't a bit of shrapnel, I'd actually been shot in the neck with a bullet and the bullet was still in my neck.


"Luckily, it missed everything important and it just got lodged behind my jaw."

Harvey did not lose consciousness and was advised to wear a neck brace "as a precaution".

The journalist, who is based in Indonesia, was hit at the provincial capitol building in Marawi, where officials have been giving statements to the media about the army's progress against militants, who have laid siege to the city since last month.

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