Wednesday 19 September 2018

'I feel like I've gone three rounds with McGregor' - Karl Broderick's pain in Eurovision fall

Karl Broderick on stretcher after slip at Eurovision
Karl Broderick on stretcher after slip at Eurovision
Eurovision hopeful Molly Sterling meets Conchita

The Eurovision is all about drama and songwriter Karl Broderick had his fair share when he tripped and fell in Austria.

Karl is in Vienna with his husband Alan Hughes and said he felt like he had "gone through three rounds with Conor McGregor" after his fall.

When he fell he was rushed to hospital where doctors did 10 X-rays to make sure he was alright.

"I'm doing okay but I've felt better," Karl told the Herald. "I'm a bit groggy but the pain killers are helping - I tried to get up last night but I had to go back to bed."

Karl captioned a snap of him being removed from the stadium in a stretcher saying: "What an exit."

"This is how I was taken out of the Eurovision stadium after I slipped on wet concrete steps and went flying.

"I got concussion and whiplash. I feel like I've gone three rounds with Conor McGregor.

"Though I was more worried that I smashed my phone screen. Alan and Derek Mooney were amazing. Scary stuff, but I'm really doing OK now," he added.

The Eurovision fan is hoping to make it to the semi-final tonight to watch Irish hopeful Molly Sterling perform.

"I want to go so badly so I'm going to make a good stab at it and try and get there," he said. "I'm flying home to vote tomorrow so I really hope I can go.

"It was a nasty fall but it could have been worse," he added.

Meanwhile, we're used to mad costumes, light shows and fireworks from Eurovision performances but Irish hopeful Molly Sterling is staying true to her roots with an "authentic performance".

"It's all quite cool and understated," she said.

"We wanted it to match the song so there's no pyrotechnics or anything.

"I'll be wearing a black top with lace and beads and little black butterflies on it. I love butterflies. I'll also have my ripped jeans and biker boots on," she added.

During her down time yesterday Molly (17) went to an amusement park called Prater where she met up with the Latvian and Lithuanian acts.

Then last night, Molly finally got to meet last year's winner Conchita Wurst.

Molly will find out if she makes it to the final tonight and says all her nerves are "good ones".

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