Monday 21 January 2019

'I don't see why people think driving a Luas is a man's job'

Linda Ryan has been driving trams for four years
Linda Ryan has been driving trams for four years

One of the few female Luas drivers has said she doesn't understand why most people think driving a tram is a man's job.

Tallaght woman Linda Ryan is just one of eight female Luas drivers in Ireland and is behind the new female recruitment campaign being rolled out by Transdev.

Linda said she is eager for more women to come on board and reckons they could give their male colleagues a run for their money.

"There are more than a hundred guys working here and only a handful of women so of course it would be nice to have a few more girlies around," she told the Herald.

"I don't see why people think driving a Luas is a man's job but, as they say, girls do better.

"It'll be good to have a few more girls to balance things out. We can't have the guys having all the fun and handy numbers.

"What appeals to me as a female driver is the shift work.

"It gives you lots of variety to do and plan different things throughout the day.

"I'm also not an office person and could think of nothing worse than sitting in a room looking at four walls all day wondering what's going on outside.

"I'm now outside all day, interacting with the public and seeing everything that's happening in the world."

Linda has been working as a Luas driver for nearly four years and has not noticed the time flying by.


"I love being a Luas driver. It's such a unique job and very different than anything I've ever done before," she said.

Linda admitted that she never imagined herself driving a Luas, but decided to take a leap of faith and apply after seeing a tram line being built while out walking.

"One day I was on my usual walking route in Tallaght and, as I was watching the trams go by, I thought to myself 'you know what? I wouldn't mind giving that a go'," she said.

"I was looking for a change of jobs anyway so I rang up Transdev's reception and asked for an application.

"I was absolutely chuffed when I got the job, but scared as well because I didn't know what it was going to entail.

"I was going in completely blind, but from the moment I started driving the Luas I really loved it.

"90pc of my duties would consist of driving on the red line, which suits me perfectly since I don't have to travel that far on my way to and from work.

"I'm also on the green line on occasion, which is nice. The two lines can be quite different but I love the change of scenery."

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