Friday 18 January 2019

I don't let abuse get under my skin , says Jessica as Miss World countdown begins

Miss Ireland Jessica Hayes has told the Diary that she doesn't think the contestants at Miss World will be "bitchy".

"Lots of people would have thought that Miss Ireland would have been like that but it wasn't, all the girls were so lovely," she said.

"It's going to be the same as that except with tougher competition.

"I'm definitely not worried about contestants being bitchy.

"It's going to be a great experience, I'm going to meet loads of new people and I can't wait for it," she continued.

The Cork beauty is busy making preparations for the competition, which will take place in London this November.

"I'm very excited that Miss World is being held in London, it's great that I won't have to travel too far.

"There's a competition to pick the designer of the dress that I'm going to be wearing in a few weeks, which I'm really excited about.

"Once that kicks off it'll be all go from there, so I'm really looking forward to getting prepared for the competition," she continued.

Jessica (20) confesses she's had a busy summer since she won the coveted Miss Ireland title in July.

"It's been a whirlwind summer to be honest.

"I was modelling in Dublin before I won Miss Ireland and I'm just continuing with it since I won, but it's 10 times more intense now.

"I love all the different aspects of modelling but I have to say I just adore the catwalk shows," she added.

The new Miss Ireland had to develop a thick skin as she experienced some online bullying with people calling her "ugly".

"You're always going to get that in this industry," she admitted.

"There will always be someone who thinks it's okay to put people down like that and people can do it so easily online," she continued.


"Luckily I haven't had anything like that since then and I'm sure it's going to happen again over the next couple of months but you just have to ignore it and focus on the good things.

"You just can't let it get under your skin. I just don't listen to it," she added.

The business studies student also hopes to head back to college once her whirlwind year is over.

"I'm definitely going to finish my business degree in the future but for the moment I'm focusing on modelling and competing at Miss World."

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