Monday 20 November 2017

I don't have a special diet - I just try to eat healthily


Katie Walsh, celebrates with her father, Ted
Katie Walsh, celebrates with her father, Ted
Jockey Katie Walsh.
Katie Walsh

People think that jockeys have really strict diets, but that's more for flat jockeys or a few of the tall lads.

I'm lucky enough in that I'm only 5'3" and I just watch what I eat like most people do.

I don't do anything special, I just try to eat healthily as much as I can and I go to Eddie Rockets or McDonalds the odd time like most people.

I'm lucky that the work I do is quite intense so I burn off what I eat but I try to get to the gym in the evenings.

We can't go out much during racing season, but once the festivals die down, I like to go out for a few drinks and enjoy the good weather.

I'm focused. The big wins are the ones you want to be getting, but you can just as easily have a bad ride which is a great leveller.

You're only as good as your last race - there's no room for egos and I would never lose the run of myself.

Thankfully I'm not that kind of person and my family and my husband would bring me right back down to earth if I was.

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