Monday 15 October 2018

I doh...Gary to wed Simpsons style

SIMPSONS fanatic Gary Paul will take his love of the hit series to the extreme this year when he marries at a special Simpsons-themed wedding.

The self-proclaimed biggest fan of the long-running TV cartoon show will celebrate his union to fiancee Paula by throwing a reception for their family and friends at the Springfield Hotel in Dublin.

The pair, who are set to marry next summer, have already sent out specially-themed Simpsons invitations and have even arranged to have Homer and Marge wedding figures on top of their cake.

According to Gary: "I've been a fan of them since the very beginning so I wanted to mark it at our wedding.

"I choose the hotel for the reception, called the Springfield of course.


"It's just a happy coincidence that it has the same name, it's actually a really nice hotel.

"We'll be having a Simpsons themed cake and invitations as well but I draw the line when it comes to dying my skin yellow or having Paula wear a blue wig," laughed Gary, who is currently expecting his first child with his longtime love Paula. He can't wait to pass on his passion to his offspring.

"It would be great to show them my collection and all the DVDs and albums and stuff I've collected over the year," he told the Herald.

"I was actually thinking of selling it all recently with all this recession business but Paula wouldn't hear of it.

Gary recently launched a desperate plea to help him meet the executive producers of the programme, Al Jean and James L Brooks, who are jetting into town this month with the woman behind the voice of Bart, Nancy Cartwright, for a screening of a special Irish-themed Simpsons episode.

The event will be closed to the public, but determined Gary believes he will still find a way to meet them.

"I'll be down there on that day of the screening on March 16 outside trying to catch them and I'll be at the parade the next day as well. They're meant to be walking in it so if I have to jump in beside them I will," he laughed.


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