Saturday 22 September 2018

'I do feel objectified' admits 50 Shades Irish star Jamie

Jamie Dornan and co-star Dakota Johnson Picture: Getty
Jamie Dornan and co-star Dakota Johnson Picture: Getty

Jamie Dornan may be best known for his role as hunky masochist Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey, but the Irish star has admitted to feeling objectified in his working life.

Dornan also said it was not just women who were subjected to sexualisation in the workplace and on screen.

"I feel very objectified a lot of the time at work," he told Vanity Fair.


"So I wouldn't say I'm relatively not objectified in the work place. I am. It's not just the women, but men too."

The Co Down man was speaking about double standards in Hollywood when it comes to male and female actors stripping off.

"I do think it's unfair. I understand why women have an issue with that," he said.

"I know it's something that a lot of people have an opinion on."

However, the actor also pointed out that men were regularly on show in the media and referenced actor Orlando Bloom, who was recently photographed naked on a beach with his girlfriend Katy Perry.

"But I understand why [women are more likely to be nude on screen].

"There's more of an active taste for women to take their clothes off and be seen as a sex object.

"That can be gratuitous and I don't agree with that," he said.

Dornan has finished filming 50 Shades Darker with co-star Dakota Johnson. The sequel to 50 Shades of Grey is due for release next year.

Although he only wrapped on the project a few weeks ago, the father of two was coy on whether he did any nude scenes for the flick.

"I can't even remember," he said.

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