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'I didn't even know Nidge was going to be killed', says Coonan

The culture of secrecy surrounding the filming of Love/Hate was so deep that Peter Coonan, AKA Fran, had no idea that Nidge was going to be killed-off.

Part of the intense drama of the hit series has been how nobody knew what was coming next from writer Stuart Carolan, and very few leaks of plot lines occurred during the five series.

But Peter Coonan has now told how apart from his own scenes he was clueless as to what would become of Tom Vaughan-Lawlor's Nidge character.


"I watched it on Sunday night like everyone else and I didn't even know that Tom's character was being shot," he said.

"I had seen Siobhan's character was being shot but I didn't know about Tom," he added.

"When I watched it the other night I just couldn't believe that Patrick had ran down the garden and I was just sure Nidge was going to jump a wall," Coonan explained.

"So when I was watching it I was going 'No', so it was quite a strange experience."

Speaking about his own scenes in the dramatic closing episode, Coonan said the storyline of Fran being violently raped with a smashed snooker cue took seven or eight hours to film.

"It was a tough scene. The energy and everything that went into it was tough," he said.


"It was hard to watch as well for me," he told the Newstalk breakfast show.

Coonan said he doesn't know if there will be a series six of Love/Hate at the moment.

"It's hard to say. We just don't know what Stuart could come up with next.

"We are normally the last people to find out," he added.

"Anything is possible I suppose," he added, not ruling out a return by Fran, if he survives this brutal attack.

"I imagine for the last five years writing this show on his own has been quite hard [for Carolan]. If a series ends in October or November and they decide on another one he has to write it by the following March," said Coonan.

"He's the only writer and he has to come up with all these stories. So it's up to Stuart to see how he feels if there is another series there."

And speaking of his own future as an actor, Coonan said now might be a good time to take his incredible CV abroad.

"My idea was a five-year plan to build a good body of work here in Ireland so then I could take it with me elsewhere," Peter explained.