Tuesday 16 January 2018

'I contemplated suicide during chemo for lung cancer' - Lord Henry Mountcharles


Lord Henry Mountcharles
Lord Henry Mountcharles
Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters

Lord Henry Mountcharles has revealed that he thought about taking his own life as he received treatment for cancer.

The owner of Slane Castle (62) admitted that he felt suicidal while undergoing chemo, after he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013.

The music lover, who has since been given the all clear, had the lower lobe of his right lung removed in order to fight the disease. He then received three and a half months of chemo followed by radiation.

"With chemo, it affects everyone differently, how they deal with it is different. One thing I say to people who are going through it, or have gone through it, is to keep reminding themselves it's toxic stuff they're putting into you," he said.

"So if you go into a tunnel keep telling yourself it's the drugs that are doing it. It's not where you are.

"That deep darkness was pretty savage at times and I hate to admit it but I did feel pretty suicidal."

After fighting through the illness, Lord Henry said it was "wonderful" to not feel as though he didn't want to live anymore.

"But what in a sense was wonderful about it was coming out of it, just like looking at this ray of sunlight you knew was there," he explained.

"The frightening thing was not always being able to see it."

After taking a break from holding a concert at his castle in Slane last year due to his illness, Lord Henry said he's excited to host Foo Fighters at the Meath venue on May 30. Lead singer Dave Grohl (left) used to drum with Nirvana.


"I have a sort of lightness in my step and at times I feel almost a little giddy," he said.

"I look forward to things with a more acute sense of excitement.

"I wanted to go back to the roots and what better way to do that than with a guy who started off his music career as the drummer in Nirvana."

Speaking on the John Murray Show on RTE Radio One, the concert enthusiast also admitted seeing a UFO while having drinks with friends.

"I'm one of the lunatic people on God's earth who claims to have seen a UFO," he said.

"I had a witness who experienced the same thing with me."

Lord Henry said that he saw the strange sight while in Surrey in the UK.

"There was this circle of light going from one horizon to the other, moving across the sky," he said.

"It appeared to be enormous, it appeared to be moving at fantastic speed and the thing that was really peculiar was everything went silent.

"We actually rang up the RAF near Northolt to record [it]."

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