Thursday 18 January 2018

'I can't open my windows' - Ballymun residents anger over tower demolition hours

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell

RESIDENTS living near the site of the old Ballymun flats have alleged that the demolition contractors are breaching planning permission.

Work began in June on tearing down the remaining Balbutcher Lane blocks while in September demolition work began on the sole remaining tower, the Joseph Plunkett tower.

The blocks are being dismantled mechanically. Previously two of the blocks were demolished using a controlled implosion.

Local councillor Noeleen Reilly said she had received regular complaints from residents about the "unacceptable" hours of work by the contractors.

"Many of these families have young children and working parents who are being woken up on a daily basis at 6.30am. This is not acceptable," she said.

"I have complained to Dublin City Council on numerous occasions over the last number of weeks, but to no avail."

Work is due to start on the site at 7am daily.

Resident Colin Farrell, who lives adjacent to the site, said that he had experienced on-going problems due to the work.

"I can't open my windows because the dust is so bad and one of my children has asthma," he said.

"My car is covered in dust every morning," he said.

He has complained to the council he said, but work was still beginning too early.

Mr Farrell said that both of his adult children were experiencing breathing problems due to the works.


Dublin City Council confirmed that a warning letter was issued to the construction firm and said that on two site visits the works were found to be in compliance.

The air-quality monitor was within regulation on both occasions, the council said.

"There were workers on site at 6.30am, but they did not start the demolition until 7am," a spokeswoman said.

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