Tuesday 12 December 2017

'I came home from LA to find an Irishman', reveals Ruth O'Neill

Ruth O'Neill
Ruth O'Neill

Ruth O'Neill is hoping to find love now she's back home after living in LA for five years.

The former E! News presenter said the dating scene across the pond was "a bit rough".

"It's so much easier with Irish guys - you've gone through the same education, you have the same childhood references, and a lot of life is the same," she told the Herald.

"You get a lot of: 'My therapist says ...' from the guys in LA.

"And I don't want to go on a date with another guy who says that!" she added.

As most people in LA are trying to make it in the celeb world, Ruth said she nearly always ended up talking about work on dates.

"If you go out with an actor all they do is talk about themselves," she said.

"Everyone works in entertainment, so when you go on a date it just ends up being all about work, that's all you end up talking about.


"I only had one boyfriend over in LA - and he was Irish.

"Irish guys are more fun and don't take themselves as seriously, so that's nice," she added.

Ruth (28) was speaking at the launch of Boohoo's new Christmas collection.

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