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'I am shocked. You think you know what you are eating. I feel deceived'

"I OWN a horse and I was horrified to hear that there was horse meat turning up in burgers. I don't eat frozen burgers anyway. I buy from my local butcher."

"I was very shocked to discover there was horse meat in some of the burgers. I actually have a pack of the Tesco ones at home and I'll be bringing them back. I feel deceived. You think you know what you are eating. I certainly wouldn't have bought them if I thought there might be horse in them." Laura Beasley

"I always buy from my butcher and make my own burgers, especially when I'm feeding the children. I was very surprised at the news about the horse meat." Sinead McKenna

"I'm shocked. I couldn't believe it. Now I'm wondering about the mince as well, is that okay I wonder. I buy from my butcher. I wouldn't eat those frozen processed burgers." Jean Fay Brady

"I hadn't heard about the horse meat in the burgers until now. It's ridiculous. Isn't that the sort of food they give to dogs. It's shocking. I don't eat those frozen burgers from factories. Go to your butcher." Martin Laurence

"I was very surprised to hear the news about the horses. It's like going back to the days of BSE scares. I don't buy those kind of burgers anyway. I get meat from my local butcher and make them myself. I wouldn't eat burgers if I thought there might be horse meat in them." Eimear O'Toole