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Hutch's drunken bender in city


Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch at his brother's funeral

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch at his brother's funeral

Floral tributes outside the flats where Gareth Hutch was shot

Floral tributes outside the flats where Gareth Hutch was shot

Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

Floral tributes outside the flats where Gareth Hutch was shot

Floral tributes outside the flats where Gareth Hutch was shot

Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin


Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch at his brother's funeral

Ireland's number one gangland target Gerry Hutch was drunk as a 'Monk' when he went on a bizarre solo pub bender last week.

The Herald has learnt that Hutch stumbled into a respected north inner city pub where he was refused service by staff who were terrified he might draw hitmen to the premises.

It is understood that the Monk then walked the streets of the north inner city before finding a hotel where he sat alone for a number of hours downing pints.

"This is crazy behaviour for a man that is in the position that he is in - walking the streets on his own despite the grave threat that he is under from the Kinahan cartel," a source told the Herald.


"There was not even a sign of any gardai around, but then again he may have been watched by undercover officers," a source said.

However, armed gardai have had a regular presence near the Monk's Clontarf home due to the fact that he is such a high-profile target and has been in and out of the country in recent weeks.

The shocking revelations about the Monk's solo boozing emerged just hours after his nephew - Gareth Hutch (35) - was shot dead by gangsters.

However, it is understood that the Monk's boozy session happened in the early part of last week and he is now in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

Dozens of his extended family members have been warned about active threats against their lives simply because they are related to the high-profile criminal.

It previously emerged that after David Byrne (33) was shot dead at the Regency Hotel a close relative of the Monk's abandoned plans to hold her wedding in Ireland.

She instead flew to Ibiza to be married as she feared she would be targeted because of her relationship with the veteran criminal.

The woman is one of many innocent members of the Hutch family who are afraid they could be targeted by the Kinahan cartel just because they are relatives of the Monk.

When Gerry Hutch celebrated his 50th birthday with 250 friends and family members in Lanzarote in April, 2013, he could have no idea about the problems ahead for his family.

The former criminal mastermind grew up in Dublin's north inner city and was heavily involved in crime from an early age.

He is suspected of being involved in a number of major robberies, including a Brinks Allied heist in Clonshaugh, Dublin, in 1995. During that robbery a gang seized IR£3m, a record amount at the time.

He later claimed that he was a legitimate businessman since handing over €1.5m to CAB in full settlement of undeclared income in 2000.

Another nephew of his, Gary Hutch, was shot dead in Spain after former associates in the Christy Kinahan cartel accused him of being a police informer.

Gary Hutch was chased around a swimming pool in a private apartment complex near Marbella by a gunman in a balaclava before he was gunned down at around 11.30am on September 24 last.

After the savage murder, it emerged that the Monk had organised a payment of €200,000 to the Kinahan cartel so that Gary's life would be spared and he'd be allowed to "retire" from the gang.

However, not only did the Kinahan mob renege on this deal - they then demanded a further €200,000 from Gary's family.

Since the feud started, the Monk has seen his brother Eddie, best friend Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan, and two of his nephews, Gary and Gareth, murdered.


There have been no charges in any of these cases, but gardai have made arrests.

The last time the Monk was photographed was when he showed up at his older brother's funeral.

He turned up disguised in a long grey wig, his collar turned up high, and wearing a baseball cap.

So far there have been three arrests in the Eddie Hutch murder, including a 45-year-old who was arrested on Monday.

Taxi driver Eddie Hutch was shot dead by a four-man hit team on the night of February 8.

It emerged that the four killers ran from the BMW to a Toyota Land Cruiser, which had no back seats. The suspects lay down in the back of the vehicle after they jumped into it.

Hutch's killers failed to burn out the BMW car they used as their initial escape vehicle.