Sunday 23 September 2018

Hutch mob hunts for a 'rat in the camp' after success of garda raids

Gary Hutch
Gary Hutch

The Hutch mob, who are involved in a deadly gangland feud with the Kinahan cartel, are paranoid there is a "rat in the camp" informing gardai of their activities.

Suspicions arose after a number of high-profile garda successes in raids against the crew.

Sources said "internal gang inquiries" are under way after major garda busts.

The Herald understands that the gang, whose stronghold is in the north inner city, is actively trying to identify the suspected grass.


"If they find out who this person is, presuming someone is feeding information to the guards, that individual could meet a very grisly end. They can't have anyone touting like this," a source said.

The Kinahan faction is lying low on the capital's southside, with detectives concerned they are plotting their next move.

However, the feud has not put a halt to Daniel Kinahan's jet-setting in his capacity as a boxing manager.

On Saturday night he was in the O2 Arena in London with Liam Byrne, the brother of David Byrne, who was shot dead in the attack at the Regency Hotel in February.

The pair were supporting Birmingham-Irish boxer Matthew Macklin in what was supposed to be the final fight of his career.

Kinahan previously described Macklin as his "best friend".

The son of 'Dapper Don' Christy Kinahan claimed that Macklin, the public face of the MGM gym in Marbella, has played a central role in attracting fighters and signing deals.

Macklin beat Brian Rose to claim the IBF inter-continental middleweight title in London on Saturday night.

He will now postpone his plans to retire.

With tensions running high in the deadly feud that has claimed four lives so far, gardai in Dublin are continuing to monitor key players.

"Things are quiet, in fact they are almost too quiet," a source said last night.

"Everyone is expecting the Hutch mob to fight back, but the information is that there are serious questions being asked in that gang about how gardai know so much about them and their movements.

"On the other hand, members of the Kinahan cartel have been keeping their heads down, which can often be a very worrying sign that they are planning something big."

The Monk's brother, Eddie Hutch, was shot dead in a retaliation attack for the Regency Hotel murder four days earlier, which itself was a revenge shooting for the slaying of Gary Hutch - The Monk's nephew - on the Costa del Sol last September.

The last murder in the gang war was that of cigar- ette smuggler Noel 'Kingsize' Duggan who was shot dead outside his home in Ratoath on March 23.


With the Hutch mob desperately try to establish if there is an informer in the ranks, it is ironic that gardai believe Gary Hutch was shot dead after being accused of being a tout by the Kinahan cartel.

Hutch (34) was chased around a swimming pool in his apartment complex by a gunman in a balaclava before being gunned down.

The shooting happened at the Angel de Miraflores complex near Marbella last September and kicked off the cycle of violence.

It later emerged that The Monk had organised the payment of €200,000 to the Kinahan cartel to spare his nephew's life and allow him to "retire".

However, the Kinahan outfit reneged on the deal and then demanded a further €200,000 from the Hutch mob.

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