Tuesday 25 June 2019

Hunt for woman in SF office fire probe

Gardai are investigating if an arson attack at the constituency office of controversial Sinn Fein TD Aengus O Snodaigh was carried out by a woman.

Shortly after 3pm yesterday, a petrol bomb was thrown into the hallway of the shared premises on Ballyfermot Road, west Dublin, causing smoke damage to the building's interior.

Mr O Snodaigh was not on the premises at the time and the fire was first noticed by his personal assistant.

A senior source said: "Gardai have nothing to suggest that this attack was carried out by a crime gang. Instead, it seems to be the work of a deranged person.

"The person got entry into the building by ringing a buzzer. The secretary who let the person in is not 100pc sure but thinks it may have been a woman.

"When the person failed to appear in the office, the secretary went out to have a look and she saw smoke. It was a small enough fire caused by petrol and some rags -- it was put out very quickly.

"CCTV is being studied today in an attempt to identify the culprit. All aspects of this case are being investigated including whether this was the work of an irate constituent."

Gardai have not ruled out the possibility that Mr O Snodaigh was not the intended target as there are a number of other businesses operating in the building.

Mr O Snodaigh said. "This mindless attack could have endangered the lives of people working in that building, not just my own staff but also those who work for two businesses who share the building."

The TD was at the Sinn Fein think-in at north Dublin when the arson attack occurred.

In December 2010, his car was stolen from his home and burnt out in Ballyfermot.


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