Friday 19 January 2018

Hunt for special €5 note worth €5,000

A Dublin radio station has left people scrambling to check their wallets after they announced that one particular €5 note could be worth €5,000.

DJs Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon of 98FM took to the city’s streets last Friday dishing out €2,000 worth of fivers to surprised members of the public.

Shoppers, workers and homeless people were handed the notes, but had no idea what was behind the generous act.

However, yesterday morning the Dublin Talks presenters revealed that one fiver handed out has a unique code on it, worth €5,000 if it can be produced.

The special code is 465514 and could see one lucky person turn a €5 note into €5,000.

A deadline has been set for this coming Friday for the lucky person to claim the jackpot, leaving people throughout the capital checking their purses and wallets to see if they could be five grand better off.

If the prize is not claimed by Friday, a different code will be released the following week.

The lucky winner will need to bring the special fiver into the 98FM studio in order to claim the prize.

“This €5 is now in general circulation,” a station spokesman said last night.

“It could be handed to you as change in a shop.”


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