Sunday 17 December 2017

Hundreds of free coffees are left unclaimed

HUNDREDS OF free coffees are going unclaimed in the country because people are either too shy to ask or are unaware of the new nationwide charity initiative.

Almost 40 cafes nationwide have already signed up to the project, which enables people to pay for a coffee which is then 'suspended' for someone in need of a beverage.

The Suspended Coffee Ireland initiative is already running in many other countries but was started here last March by Dublin teacher Aoife Ryan, who spotted the concept on Twitter.

The Raheny woman said: "When I saw it, I just thought it was a fabulous idea.

"It's such a simple idea based on an Italian tradition. You just pay for a coffee which is then held until someone in need comes in and asks for one.


"Now almost 40 places nationwide have signed up but we would love more to join in."

However, many pre-paid coffees are going unclaimed as people are either too shy to ask or unaware of the initiative, she said.

"If the coffees aren't claimed, businesses are donating the money to charity or, in some cases, dropping food down to hostels for the homeless."

Richard Jacob of the Idaho Coffee Shop in Cork estimates he has sold one thousand suspended coffees since he started the scheme in March.

However many of these have gone unclaimed so Richard and his wife Mairead have donated the proceeds – €1,600 – to CorkSimon. "Those who are claiming the suspended coffees are homeless or just finding things financially hard," he said.

Further information on the scheme can be obtained from @suspencoffeeire, suspendedcoffeeireland@gmail.com or the Suspended Coffee Ireland Facebook page.


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