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Huge demand for marathon means 10,000 will miss out


Last year's Dublin Marathon

Last year's Dublin Marathon

Last year's Dublin Marathon

Huge interest in the Dublin Marathon has prompted organisers to add an additional 2,500 entries for this year's race, with a record total of 25,000 participants.

However, even with the new slots available, the demand to take part in the run during the October bank holiday weekend will still exceed the number of spots available.

Ten thousand "disapp- ointed" runners will not be able to take part, race director Jim Aughney said.


"We know there will be many runners disappointed today, but we can't accommodate all interested individuals as we pride ourselves on delivering a quality event as the health and safety of participants is our primary concern," he added.

More than 35,000 people have expressed an interest in taking part in the 2020 KBC Dublin Marathon, according to the number of applying for a place in the new lottery system.

To date, 16,200 runners who ran over the previous three years have been allocated a guaranteed entry.

One thousand places have been allocated to sponsors and tour operators, along with 1,300 participants from Athletics Ireland members.

However, only 6,500 slots will be allocated among the 16,100 would-be runners who have applied.

Organisers will make contact today with those runners whose lottery app- lications were successful and they will receive a code.

They must use it to confirm their participation by January 31. Any unredeemed applications will revert to the lottery.