Friday 18 January 2019

HSE launches second review of Miss Y case

The Health Service Executive (HSE) has begun a second review of its handling of the controversial Miss Y case.

The executive has confirmed in a statement that it called off a court action in the case that was aimed at securing court consent for the termination of pregnancy by early delivery of her baby.


This followed a late-stage intervention by Department of Health bosses who were deeply concerned at the HSE's handling of the woman's case.

In its statement, the HSE said there was a "discussion" about whether it was necessary to secure the formal consent of a court for the termination of a pregnancy by way of early delivery.

In a separate statement, the Department of Health said: "The department became aware of the course of action being followed by the HSE legal team at a very late stage.

"The department was very concerned at the approach the HSE legal team was taking, and following discussions between the department and the HSE leadership, the HSE legal team decided not to pursue its planned approach."

Sources within the Government last night insisted that HSE top brass and the department were in agreement with what should have happened, but someone on the "legal side" within the HSE had "dropped the ball".


It said that when HSE senior management became aware of the matter, and having ascertained that a termination of pregnancy was being certified by the relevant clinicians, they directed that no further court proceedings were required and that the certification could be acted on without further recourse to the courts.

The HSE said: "The only legal action called off was one designed to secure court cover for the termination/early delivery."


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