Tuesday 16 October 2018

Hozier was the perfect gentleman at festival

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Hozier. Photo: Collins Dublin
Hozier. Photo: Collins Dublin

I had a great time at Longitude last Saturday. I've either been working or I've been away for the last few festivals, so I was delighted to finally make it to one. The weather was unreal, so there was no need for rain ponchos or wellies.

I got introduced to Hozier backstage and he was so nice and down to earth. I'm such a big fan of his music, but I bottled it when it came to asking him for a photo and I kind of regret that now.

I'm sure he gets a lot of that so I decided to suppress my inner fangirl.

I'm so excited for Electric Picnic now, even though it's still over a month away. With the back-to-school ads on the radio and the start of the summer sales, I feel like time is moving way too fast.

French holiday what I needed

with only three hours' sleep after the festival, I headed to the airport at 5.30am, only to find out that there was an issue with the plane and my flight to France had been cancelled.

I'm not really a morning person in the first place, and I can be very cranky without sleep, so I was not a happy camper.

I returned to the airport that afternoon, though, and they managed to fit me on another flight to Lourdes.

My mum and my cousin are over here in France and it has been lovely to relax and read by the pool for a few days.

Of course, I missed Ireland's hottest day of the decade, but I got about 100 snapchats of 99 ice-creams with the temperature on the screen to remind me it was sunny at home too.

While I've been chilling out I've also used this time to do some planning for ventures with my blog and exciting work coming up.

I have a busy week ahead of me when I get back, and I'm really excited about getting to work on some new projects.

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