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How Ireland and Britain's roadmap to ease the lockdown restrictions compare


Boris Johnson modified his message with ‘stay alert’ slogan

Boris Johnson modified his message with ‘stay alert’ slogan


Boris Johnson modified his message with ‘stay alert’ slogan


During two televised addresses, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged people who could not work from home to return to work.

This means certain employees, such as construction and manufacturing workers, are returning to work this week.

He has come in for criticism for asking people to return to work while also asking them to avoid public transport.

In Ireland, construction workers and others who work outdoors will not return to the workforce until next week.

There is no mention in the Irish plan for when factory workers should return to work.


Primary schools could open as early as June in England. However, secondary schools will not fully return until September under the UK plan.

In Ireland, primary and secondary schools will not reopen until phase five of the Government's roadmap.

However, there have been doubts cast over whether schools will be able to return in September.

In March, the UK took the decision to cancel secondary school exams and replace them with a grades system.

Plans to hold the Leaving Cert later this summer were abandoned last week.


In England, people will be encouraged to exercise as often as they wish and they can sunbathe in parks and on beaches.

Sports including tennis, golf and angling are also to be permitted.

Similar rules for sport and exercise will be introduced here next week.

One difference is that England is only allowing households to engage in sporting activities, while in Ireland groups of four people can meet to play sports as long as they adhere to social distancing.


The rules on restaurants and cafes are similar in both countries, with July earmarked as the time for reopening these businesses.

The English plan gives no date for reopening pubs, while the Irish roadmap suggested August will be the earliest date for bars.

There is pressure from lobby groups in the two jurisdictions to allow pubs to reopen sooner.