Monday 23 July 2018

how i fared when i gave dublin a Google-eyed view

I WAS lucky enough to be the first person in Ireland to road-test Google Glass - the much talked-about 'wearable tech' which just came to the UK.

The device is not yet available to the everyday consumer, only to 'Explorers' - those who test the device and feedback to Google.

I got the opportunity to 'have a go' during the device's first ever official appearance in the capital.

As it was Google Glass's first time in Ireland, I took it to all the tourist hotspots of Dublin.

I took video from the top of Liberty Hall, got directions on it from the Spire to Trinity College, researched the history of tourist attractions like Stephen's Green and Phoenix Park using the search feature and even took it for a spin on the Dublin Sightseeing Tour Bus to really put the photo feature through its paces on the moving bus.


It was weird walking around the Spire with around €1,000 worth of equipment on my face - and I was glad to have a tall photographer to scare any potential robbers away from any ideas they might get about making a quick buck.

In fact, not many people seemed to notice I was wearing Google Glass. I got a few funny looks but I think that was more about how close the video camera was to my face so it could see the screen.

One French man in Stephen's Green did notice, though, and audibly exclaimed something in French - the only word I recognised was 'Google'.


He then stopped and stared for a good five minutes, and I was tempted to use the Translate app to find something 'en Francais' to say but I was too busy trying to perfect the 'Wink' feature.

Again, there was the odd funny look during this process but I don't think people understood that I was winking to take a picture and not giving them the eye.

One other man, at a Luas stop, smiled at me and simply said: "Are they deadly?"

I think he was amused by the (optional) clipped-on sunglasses that made me look very 'Star Trek' - as one of my Facebook friends was kind enough to point out when I posted the obligatory bragging status update.

Google even managed to match my borrowed set to my blazer, which I was very impressed by.

I was also impressed that the photographs I took with the device immediately backed up on the linked phone and they appeared to be higher quality even than my own smart phone.

We can't buy Google Glass here just yet (unless you have a very generous relation that lives in the UK) but I definitely know what I want for Christmas.

To see #ThroughGlass for yourself, go to www.independent.ie/Glass today and watch the in-depth video demo and review.


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