Saturday 22 September 2018

How 'Guinea Pig' ordered slaying of King Ratt man

TWO brothers were behind the murder of a senior ‘King Ratt' mobster, gardai believe.

The siblings – both serving jail terms for separate murders – orchestrated the killing over the phone.

An inquest into the July 2009 execution of drug dealer Anthony Cannon (26) this week heard that he was shot multiple times in the head in broad daylight while being chased by a masked gunman in Ballyfermot.

The Herald can today reveal that the man who gardai suspect shot Cannon is convicted killer Keith Wilson (24) who received detailed telephone instructions from his older brother Eric ‘Lucky' Wilson (27) in the minutes before the shooting happened.

‘Lucky' Wilson – linked to up to ten gangland murders – was based in Spain when Cannon was murdered, but enlisted younger brother Keith to carry out the hit, believed to be his first.

Just 13 months later, the reckless thug shot another gangster dead in Finglas, a crime for which he is now serving a life sentence.

Feared criminal Keith Wilson is a younger brother of Ireland's most prolific gangland serial killer 'Lucky' Wilson who is serving a life sentence in Spain for a pub murder.

A major line of enquiry by detectives investigating Cannon's murder is that the hit was ordered by notorious gangster Mark 'Guinea Pig' Desmond.


It is understood that the 'Guinea Pig' had wanted Cannon dead because he blamed the drug dealer for shooting at him in an incident in Tallaght in the summer of 2006.

Cannon was under threat from a number of criminal gangs including 'Fat' Freddie Thompson's organisation because he was a senior player in the gang led by jailed gang boss Brian Rattigan.

Sources say that he was extremely careful about his movements and was lured to his death in Ballyfermot by someone he trusted.

His inquest heard that he was wearing a bullet-proof vest on St Mary's Avenue West, Ballyfermot, on Friday, July 17, 2009, at 3.30pm by the gunman who made his escape by motorbike with the help of an accomplice who drove it.

In Dublin City Coroner's Court, Detective Inspector Colm O'Malley said that the deceased had been advised by gardai of threats against him.

"It would appear he was lured to the scene by someone he knew and may have dropped his guard," he said.

A deposition from a female witness stated that she heard three bangs that afternoon. She looked down the road and saw two men. She said one had a gun and "he shot the fella in the white jumper in the face".

The gunmen then continued down the road.

A number of people went to where the shot man was lying. He was covered in blood. One man turned the injured man on his side "and the back of his head fell away", she said.

The deceased's devastated father Patrick said in his deposition: "I wasn't surprised to hear that Anthony had gotten shot, there's been too many threats. What I knew, there had to have been four or five. They're the ones I knew of."

He said he didn't know where the threats were coming from. "I always told him to be careful every day," he said.

Gardai say their detailed investigations into Cannon's murder remain ongoing.



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