Monday 24 June 2019

Housing queue grows but minister insists: 'No housing bubble'

Environment Minister Alan Kelly is insisting the country is not in the middle of a housing bubble despite the fact that people have resorted to queuing over night to buy a home.

Last night people slept out for a third evening in a row on the side of the road in Swords ahead of a new development, Millers Glen, where properties go on sale tomorrow.

Daniel Daly, who was holding a place for his daughter, Samantha, in the queue said it will all be worth it.

"She's third in the queue and I was here from 8am until 11pm on Wednesday.

"It's been a grand day just watching everyone go by looking in at the estate. It's well worth it if she gets her house because she's after being outbid so many times," Mr Daly told the Herald.

A new member of the queue is Sonia O'Driscoll (23), from Artane and last night her mum was holding her fifth place spot in the growing line.

"She has her mortgage approval and she's just been outbid and outbid. There's a bidding war going on out there on all the second-hand houses," stated Sonia's mum.

As news spread of the house hunters, local shops arrived with free food and vouchers.

Bride-to-be Megan O'Shaughnessy (23), who is top of the queue, received a €300 voucher from a furniture shop.

And tonight "some Friday night banter" is planned for those waiting in line with card-playing and take-away food on the menu.

Mr Kelly said we are not in a bubble territory.

"There are no 100pc mortgages out there and less than 10pc of the workforce is employed in construction - that used to be 25pc," he said.

"There are many, many variables to this issue. It's a finance issue, it's a planning issue, there's the issue in relation to affordability," Mr Kelly added.


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