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Hotels battle to hold tots beauty show

TODDLER beauty pageant organisers claim they have been inundated with requests from Irish venues and hotels to host their first event here.

The Universal Royal Pageant organiser told the Herald that they have received an impressive 12 offers of locations across the country.

Annette Hill said that the requests for application forms from Irish parents have been rolling in.

Earlier this week, the group may have been forced to withdraw after three snubs from worried hoteliers here.

But now Ms Hill said they have a wealth of options and are currently making a final decision on the location.

"Even in the last two or three days, people been emailing me like crazy," she told the Herald.

"Parents have been sending in videos, pictures and references of their own children.

"We needed to secure the venue and we're not going to say where it is yet. We have 12 offers to have a pageant.

"We are bringing a team of judges over and we are looking for one judge from the Ireland area," she said.


"It is so that it is balanced so you get the whole perspective."

The organiser said that Ireland was an obvious choice to hold the next pageant in Europe as children here are "natural beauties" with talent.

"Irish people are the friendliest, loving, sweetest people," she said.

The Texas-based businesswoman said that she sees little difference between the Irish dancing competitions and the pageant. She explained: "When you look at someone competing in that talent port -- they have the hair, the makeup, the whole bit."

Ms Hill said that the whole process is not like what is shown on reality shows such as Toddlers And Tiaras.

"We judged the children, they had fun, it is not what you see on the television," she said. "Toddlers And Tiaras is a wonderful show, but it is reality TV."

And Ms Hill said following a recent trip to Australia, that there has been growing popularity for the contests in other European countries -- including the UK.

She plans to run the pageant here in November, shortly after she stages her first European competition in a venue in Manchester, UK.