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Hotel gun suspects in prison, in hiding or out of the country

Five men suspected of being involved in the Regency Hotel murder are still being sought by the Kinahan cartel - despite the individuals being either in prison, out of the country or in hiding.

The criminals, who are all associated with the Hutch mob, are suspected of being directly involved in the gun attack which left gangland figure David Byrne (33) fatally wounded.

The hit squad included three men dressed in uniforms similar to those worn by the elite Emergency Response Unit (ERU), as well as a shooter disguised as a woman and a heavy-set gunman wearing a flat cap.


One young criminal suspected of being one of those carrying an AK-47 is currently on remand facing serious charges.

Meanwhile, the man suspected of being 'Flat Cap' has been hiding out in Northern Ireland, having fled to his hometown in Co Tyrone in the immediate aftermath of the Regency Hotel hit.

His home address was recently raided and he is a close associate of Michael Barr (35), a dissident republican who was gunned down in Summerhill last Monday night as part of the deadly feud.

Another Regency Hotel suspect has fled the jurisdiction following an attempt on his life. Senior gardai recently revealed how "preventative measures" had been taken in recent weeks as part of an attempted hit.

Assistant Commissioner John O'Mahony, in charge of Crime and Security for An Garda Siochana, added that the intended target "will probably never know" about the foiled hit.

The two other men, one suspected of being the man in drag and the other a fake ERU officer, are still believed to be in the greater Dublin area - but have been keeping a relatively low profile.

The suspected cross-dressing hitman was a close associate of feud murder victim Gary Hutch, and has been warned that he is under active threat from the Kinahan cartel due to his suspected involvement in the murder.

Armed gardai previously raided the home address of the other hitman dressed as an ERU officer. However, the man aged in his 20s was not arrested during the raid. The criminal issued a stark warning to detectives searching his home, saying that the feud wouldn't end until Daniel Kinahan was killed.


The Herald previously revealed how he was targeted in a botched gangland hit after being set up by an associate. However, the feared criminal fled the scene after becoming aware of the planned hit.

Sources previously revealed how one of the AK-47 shooters still in the jurisdiction has been carrying out "inquiries" in an attempt to track down the chief suspect in a feud murder.