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Hostel woman died after going for wine

GARDAI probing the death of a Swedish woman in Dublin last New Year's Eve contacted Met Eireann as part of an "exhaustive investigation", an inquest was told.

Christina Nilsson (43) was found dead in a bed and breakfast in Gardiner St and a post-mortem revealed some bruising to her trunk, coroner Dr Brian Farrell was told.

The inquest was opened in June but had been adjourned while gardai carried out further inquiries.

Gardai had carried out an exhaustive investigation with 99 different 'jobs' or inquiries carried out.

"We looked at it from every angle and even spoke to the weather office," said Inspector Declan Good of Store Street Garda Station.

There had been snow showers and extremely cold temperatures at the time.

The dead woman had been a chronic alcoholic from about the age of 20 and gardai had traced her movements over the previous 48 hours through CCTV.

She was seen going into a supermarket to buy wine and was "banging off walls and falling".

She also went to a pub where she used to work and spoke to the owner. She seemed "quite content" and never said she had been assaulted.

When Ms Nilsson went back to the hostel she spoke to the person in charge and wished him a happy new year before going to her dormitory bed.

It was "a place where people come and go" but gardai had managed to speak to a lady who was in an adjoining room and she had heard nothing untoward, the inspector said.

"We can't say 110pc that she wasn't assaulted, but we can say we are quite satisfied there is no evidence of it, and that she died unfortunately from her own living pattern rather than anything criminal against her."

"We don't think there will be any person brought before the courts," Insp Good added.

The Coroner adjourned the inquest to October 11 next.