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Hospital says Pele's condition is improving

Pele's condition is improving as he undergoes kidney treatment in an intensive care unit, a Brazilian hospital said.

The Albert Einstein hospital said the former footballer (74) is "lucid" and breathing normally without any support.

The Brazilian soccer great has been hospitalised since Monday because of a urinary tract infection. He had surgery to remove kidney stones on November 13.

On Thursday, Pele denied that he was put into an intensive care unit. He and his staff had said he was only transferred to a special unit where he could have more privacy while being treated and monitored.

"Pele's clinical condition is better," the hospital said in its latest report, adding that the former forward was not under any "support therapies" or receiving additional medication to keep him stable.


Pele's manager, Paul Kemsley, said in a statement that the former player was expected to make a "quick and full" recovery from the "minor infection caused by his recent successful surgery."

Pele was diagnosed with kidney stones after having to cancel an event at his museum in Santos because of abdominal pain. The surgery was successful and he was released from the hospital just a few days after the procedure.

He was readmitted after tests showed signs of the urinary tract infection.