Monday 20 November 2017

Hospital killer toll rises to six

SIX people have now died after apparently being deliberately poisoned with insulin at a Stockport hospital in England.

John Beeley (73) and Linda McDonagh (60) are the latest people to be named by detectives investigating the suspicious deaths.

Tracey Arden (44) Arnold Lancaster (71) Derek Weaver, (82) and William Dickson (82) were also among 21 people believed to have been unlawfully administered insulin at Stepping Hill Hospital between June and July 2011.

All the patients suffered hypoglycaemic episodes after their saline drips had been sabotaged.


Detectives believe only the deaths of Ms Arden, Mr Lancaster and Mr Weaver have direct links to insulin poisoning, with the remaining three deaths thought to be due to natural disease.

Police chiefs have previously stressed that detectives have not yet established the degree to which deliberate contamination of products might have contributed to the patients' deaths.

They added that about 650 people have been spoken to by officers since the contamination was discovered when nursing staff raised the alarm.


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