Tuesday 12 December 2017

Horror King backing Irish filmmaker

A FLEDGLING Irish filmmaker is on the cusp of fame after successfully adapting one of Stephen King's classic horror stories for the silver screen.

In a first for an Irish filmmaker, Gerard Lough, from Letterkenny, Donegal, became one of King's Dollar Babes, when he received his blessing to make a short film version of The Boogeyman.

The scheme, established by King to assist young filmmakers, offers the lucky applicants the filming rights to any of his short stories for a dollar, with certain conditions attached.

Lough (32), is now hopeful that the 30-minute film, which will feature in the Horrorthon Film Festival at the Irish Film Centre in Dublin's Temple Bar on Monday next, October 25, will give him his big break into the movie world.

"It doesn't guarantee me any kind of success but it does give me a little leg up. Hopefully it might open a couple of doors for me along the way.

The horror, which was shot over four months in Wexford and Donegal with a cast and crew of just 25, tells the story of Andrew Billings, who goes to see a psychologist to explain how an evil creature that lives in his closet is responsible for the deaths of his three children. Lough, who completed a diploma in media studies at the North West Institute in Derry, said: "I am not a big horror movie fan but I wanted to make a film that had people on the edge of their seats and not just show blood and guts.

"I was so lucky with the cast and crew that I worked with and I think we have produced a really good film."

Dollar Babes from the past include Frank Darabont who went on to make The Shawshank Redemption.


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