Wednesday 13 December 2017

Hometown singer involved in crash on South Africa shoot

The Hometown boyband Dayl, Ryan, Josh, Dean, Brendan and Cian
The Hometown boyband Dayl, Ryan, Josh, Dean, Brendan and Cian
Louis Walsh

THEY'RE just back from a jet-set video shoot in South Africa, but boyband Hometown have revealed the trip wasn't all fun as one of the boys was involved in a crash.

While shooting the video for their new single I Cry For Help in Cape Town, singer Dayl (20) crashed his moped when he confused the accelerator and brake.

"I was just driving along and there was a little bump to get up on the road, so I revved it," he told the Herald. "I've never driven in my life and I thought the accelerator was the brake so it pushed me on even more and I smashed into a wall and was dragged along it.

"All that was going through my head was 'I've broke the Vespa, I won't be able to do the shoot'. I thought I'd have to sit with one of the lads on their bike and hold them."

While Dayl, from Tipperary, managed to walk away from the accident with minor injuries, he said that his bandmates were less than sympathetic.

"I actually did really hurt myself, but the boys just found it really funny and slagged me about it," he said.

Tallaght native Dean (20) revealed the nerves still get the better of the boys at times - even when performing on The Late Late Show.

"I don't think you ever come to terms with the thoughts that there is possibly going to be half a million people watching you," he said.

With only one of the band from Dublin, manager Louis Walsh said he prefers working with them because of their country background.

"They're like Westlife in the early days," the X Factor judge told the Herald. "Especially because they're from the country. Lads from the country are totally easier to work with than city boys. I think they're nicer to everyone and they're more respectful."


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