Tuesday 19 February 2019

Homeowners 'will face legal action' if they don't pay to fix fire deficiencies

Beacon South Quarter residents have been warned to pay up
Beacon South Quarter residents have been warned to pay up

Homeowners in an apartment complex found to have structural defects have been given 21 days to pay upwards of €5,000 or face legal action from their management company.

Families in the Beacon South Quarter complex in south Dublin received letters in recent days warning their names could be published in newspapers if they do not pay up.

It comes after Dublin Fire Brigade identified "fire deficiencies" in the development that have to be addressed.

A building programme running until 2023 has been set out for the works, which will cost more than €10m.


The 880 apartments in the complex are owned by a mix of large-scale landlords and private individuals.

Many have started making the payments but sources say a significant number have not, as they object to paying for deficiencies they were unaware of at the time of purchase.

A letter issued by the Beacon South Quarter Management Company says it plans to "bring the development to a safe living standard as soon as possible".

It says the directors are "fully committed to mitigating costs, concluding the insurance claim, seeking legal redress where possible and keeping the issue on the national agenda".

However, it goes on to warn that individual homeowners withholding payment is "totally unacceptable" and the directors "cannot, and will not, tolerate payment default".

Residents have been given 21 days to enter a payment plan or face interests and penalties.

"The management company solicitor will be instructed to take legal action up on the entire debt, up to and including obtaining judgment against you, which may also be registered as a judgment mortgage against your property," the letter states.

"Secured judgments will be published in Stubbs and trade gazettes/Sunday newspapers, etc, and a full list of published judgments will be attached to the management company's annual report."

Some residents have also claimed that their fobs for access to the apartment complex have been deactivated in recent days.

The collection of debts is being facilitated by Aramark Property, but it directed queries on the situation to the Beacon South Quarter Management Company. The management company told the Herald that any media queries were being dealt with by Aramark.

Green Party TD Catherine Martin has previously called on the Government to intervene, suggesting homeowners affected by such issues should receive tax breaks or interest-free loans from the State.

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