Wednesday 13 December 2017

Homeless man with broken back mugged over a dozen times for pain medication

A homeless man with a broken back has been mugged over a dozen times for his pain medication on the streets of Dublin, a charity has revealed.

Cairdeas Homeless Action are aiming to highlight the plight of Jude, who is having a particularly hard time on the streets of Dublin.

Lynn Cahill, the woman behind Cairdeas Homeless Action, spoke about Jude's plight.

"Jude has a broken back in two places... as a result, he has a large hump. He can barely stand - his ribcage is pushed down so far that it's resting on his hipbone".

"He has been prescribed oxycotton for the pain, which is also an opiate. This makes him a target for heroin addicts and he has been attacked more than a dozen times and robbed of his meds".

"Jude walks the streets of Dublin for 14 hours a day before he returns to his spot to bed down for the night on the cold hard pavement".

"It's a vicious circle - I'm heartbroken for him".

Cahill says that Cairdeas will continue to help Jude until he receives the help he so badly needs. Cairdeas have a gofundme page and a Facebook page and Cahill says that any donations will go towards helping Jude.

"Anything that we are doing now is going to be trying to get Jude into semi-permanent accommodation, like the Ivy Hostel, which would cost €120 a week".

"This lovely man needs to be housed immediately and given the proper care and equipment he needs".

Cairdeas has helped hundreds with clothes, food and accommodation - mainly through their own donations since they started last November.

Cairdeas Homeless Action is a non-profit, non-funded, volunteer organisation. "We are on Grafton Street providing hot food, clothing, bedding and toiletries on Mondays and Fridays between 9am and 2pm.

Cahill is asking people to share the video and Cairdeas' message to try and help Jude get off the streets.

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