Tuesday 21 January 2020

Homeless hounds a problem as people give up pets to move

Beech the dog at the launch of Dog Friendly Ireland Day
Beech the dog at the launch of Dog Friendly Ireland Day

It's not only people who are suffering from homelessness - dogs are affected too.

The charity Dogs Trust has revealed that more and more families are having to give up their four-legged friends when moving home because of bans on pets.

A lack of canine-friendly accommodation is leading to animals being surrendered to local authority pounds, the charity says.


It revealed 75 people had emailed them last year to surrender their dog due to problems moving home.

On Dog Friendly Ireland Day yesterday, Dogs Trust highlighted the damaging impact the housing crisis was having on pet ownership and called for more rental properties to be dog-friendly.

It released guidelines for property owners and tenants called Renting With Rover.

It is the second year the charity has run Dog Friendly Ireland Day, to encourage more organisations and services to welcome pups.

Focusing on the rental market, it highlighted the difficulties dog owners had in finding accommodation and encouraged more landlords to accept them.

It said 15pc of all requests it received last year by people having to give up their pet came from those moving home. Landlords turned away people with dogs due to a "fear of the unknown".

The charity is asking estate agents and online rental sites to make it clear when properties are dog-friendly.

"We encourage our landlord clients to consider tenants with pets," said estate agent Owen Reilly.

"Landlords who automatically rule out tenants with dogs are being short-sighted and are excluding a large portion of the rental market."

Dogs Trust claims that 40pc of Irish households have at least one dog.

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