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Home wreckers in knife threat to party's teen host

THE family of a teenage boy who held a party at a house that was trashed by a gang of 170 youths have said he was threatened at knifepoint not to tell anyone what happened.

The Swords house -- the home of the boy, his mother and her partner -- was besieged after the boy's 'Project X' party went on Facebook.

The boy's family say he did not invite all the revellers on Facebook, but news of the party went viral.


Some 170 drunken teens caused massive damage to the house on January 18 before gardai arrived.

The boy's mother and her partner were on holiday in Australia, leaving the 16-year-old in the care of his grandparents.

Today the boy's aunt told the Herald that he had a knife held to him and was told not to tell anybody what had happened.

"He's traumatised by the whole thing. The weight is falling off him and he won't go out except to school," she said.

"And he still has to face his mother. She wanted to come home from her break in Australia, but we told her to stay.

"But she has seen all the damage on the internet. She couldn't breathe when she heard the news first."

The boy's grandfather described an orgy of destruction and theft.

"They pulled clothes from the wardrobes and drawers and dumped them in the green; they rifled through drawers and took iPhones, computer tablets, jewellery and anything else they could get their hands on.

"It took three days to clean up the house, and we had to face excrement that was put on the floor of the toilet, and mud all through the house," he added.

"The lad had no control of events when they got out of hand. He was hoodwinked into having a party, but when it went on Facebook the whole world got to know about it," he added.

"If he knew 10 people there that would be the height of it; the rest were strangers just out to destroy the place," he said.

The boy's aunt described the people who thrashed the house as "scumbags".


"What sort of people can do a thing like this?" she asked.

"Somebody set up a Facebook page in the lad's name afterwards, making it look like he was the one posting the messages, but it's not him."

Gardai are treating the matter as a case of criminal damage, and expect to interview people in the coming weeks.

Videos online show the damage done to the property.

The house is packed with people dancing on tables. Lamp shades are broken and the floors are covered in mud.

The bash has been dubbed 'Project X Swords', an allusion to the 2012 film which tells the tale of three high-school students who throw a party that spirals out of control.