Thursday 20 September 2018

Hitmen hunt for John Gilligan in England

John Gilligan.
John Gilligan.
Troy Jordan
John Gilligan

Associates of a former close pal of John Gilligan have been actively trying to find out his address in England so they can tip-off a cash-hungry hitman with the location of his bolthole, it has emerged.

Sources have revealed that associates of long-term Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) target Troy Jordan have been "making multiple enquiries" about Gilligan's location in recent weeks.

"They are actively trying to find out where Gilligan is in England so they can pass on the details to the mob who want him dead," a source said.

"It is a new twist in this saga and it shows that Gilligan remains under huge pressure but gardai are aware of what is going on," the source added.

John Gilligan

John Gilligan

In January, it emerged that Troy Jordan (45) was declared bankrupt for a second time in Britain in an attempt to avoid paying the CAB €800,000 just days before he showed up at the funeral of a criminal associate in Ballyfermot.

Jordan was twice arrested by officers investigating the murder of Latvian mother Baiba Saulite in 2006 which happened in Swords, north Co Dublin, but he was never a suspect in the case.

His business connections over the years have included Martin 'The Viper' Foley and Geraldine Gilligan, the wife of convicted drug dealer John Gilligan, who is currently hiding in the UK after a second attempt on his life last March.

Along with Foley, Jordan helped to found Viper Debt Recovery and Repossession Services in 2005. He resigned as a director in June 2010.

During her unsuccessful legal battle with CAB over the Jessbrook Equestrian Centre in Kildare, Geraldine Gilligan told the High Court her only income was €5,000 a year she received from Jordan "for grass".

Despite having a lengthy criminal pedigree, Jordan has managed to avoid incurring any major convictions to date and is now understood to spend his time based between Co Kildare and the Blackpool area.

Sources say that it is considered a "serious development" that associates of Jordan are actively looking for Gilligan who fled Ireland in March of last year and did not even come home for the funeral of his brother Bernard last October.

The thug was seriously injured in a shooting at his other brother Thomas' Clondalkin home on March 1 last year when he survived despite four shots being pumped into him.

This incident happened less than three months after a criminal is suspected of entering the Halfway House on the Navan Road in north Dublin armed with a 9mm handgun looking for the gangster.

The Herald previously revealed that the Finglas criminal who is suspected of being at the centre of both of these incidents is continuing to expand his gang activities in north Dublin.

Sources say that the violent psycho has not yet received a cent from the gangsters who have "clubbed together" to have despised thug Gilligan shot dead.

The 'anti-Gilligan' hood was previously handed a lengthy jail sentence for a terrifying armed robbery.

It was while serving this sentence that he first met with and clashed with Gilligan in jail and sources say that he has held a major grudge against him.

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