Tuesday 17 July 2018

Hitman doyle's all smiles in happy picture behind bars

THIS is the man who shot Shane Geoghegan posing with his young daughter and former girlfriend in a family portrait photo taken inside Mountjoy Prison.

Convicted hitman Barry Doyle (27) is serving a life sentence for the murder of the innocent rugby player – but he is still smiling, even behind bars.

Doyle is no longer in a relationship with Victoria Gunnery from Coolock, but it is believed that the former couple remain on good terms with each other.

This week, John Dundon (30), the gang boss who ordered the botched hit which led to Mr Geoghegan (28) being brutally shot dead in Limerick in November 2008, was also jailed for life for the shocking murder.

Shane was the victim of mistaken identity when he was targeted by Doyle who was used by the infamous McCarthy/Dundon gang who were trying to murder their bitter crime rival John 'Pitchfork' McNamara.

Since being charged and convicted of the rugby star's murder, Doyle has cut all ties in prison with the dangerous mob. Gardai believe that the Dundons took advantage of the Dubliner after his older brother Paddy was shot dead in a gangland hit in Spain in 2008.

While Doyle from Portland Row in Dublin's north inner city is serving his sentence in Mountjoy Prison, Dundon is in Ireland's highest security jail in Portlaoise Prison.

The photo we publish today was authorised by prison authorities. Sources say that inmates are allowed to get family photos taken from time to time, which they often put up on the walls of their cells.

Unlike Dundon, who was tried in the non-jury Special Criminal Court, Doyle was convicted by a jury at the Central Criminal Court in February of last year.

But in both cases State supergrass April Collins gave the key evidence which secured murder convictions by explaining how the hit was planned.



She said John Dundon explained to Barry Doyle what John McNamara looked like and ordered him to murder McNamara.

Ms Collins later revealed how Dundon flew into an angry rage when he found out that Doyle had killed the wrong man.

While Dundon's trial was beset with delays after the gang boss sacked his legal team at the last minute and claimed he was unfit for trial, it took three trials before Doyle was finally convicted of murder.

In the photo obtained by the Herald, life seems far better for Barry Doyle then it was in February 2009 when innocent Victoria was arrested and questioned at a Limerick garda station in relation to withholding information about the murder of Shane Geoghegan.

Doyle was also being questioned at the same time in a different station and at his dramatic trial his legal team claimed that gardai made threats and promises regarding Victoria who has no involvement in crime.

The trial heard that their baby had a hole in her heart and that Doyle thought that she was going for a check-up on the morning they were arrested. The defence said he was told she would be released from custody if he confessed.

The prosecution denied this and pointed to the detail in his confessions and the other evidence.

Ultimately the jury agreed with the prosecution and Doyle was convicted of one of the most shocking murders of the past decade.


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