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The renowned climber had been updating the world about his latest climb online in the past few days. These were his final reports:

Tuesday: Day 3 -- Shira 2, 4,000m. Torrential rain all day. Spirits remain good even if drying clothes is proving impossible! We pray for dryer weather tomorrow -- the big day. It's the Lava Tower

Monday: Group doing great so far. Day 2 & they're right on track at camp 2. Hasn't stopped raining since they arrived but everyone's happy. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL

December 29: So here we go. Familiar patterns for some -- anxious parents driving for the airport, excited adults desperate to escape the Hum drum of another drunken New Year's Eve somewhere on Dublin's Main Streets... Yet all the while there's a tingle in the air -- a hint of expectation as 23 more people prepare to board a plane bound for Africa... And we wish them every success as they make their journeys towards the summit of Africa's highest peak. What better way to ring in the new year eh (-; Regular updates to follow. Anunamatta friends