Friday 15 December 2017

High Kings' Darren tells of child's road-rage terror

THREAT: Performer feared for daughter (5) in terrifying daylight attack

Darren Holden
Darren Holden

HIGH KINGS singer Darren Holden has spoken of how he feared for the lives of himself and his daughter during a terrifying road-rage incident.

Holden, who is a member of the ballad group who performed for US president Barack Obama, was driving daughter Ava (5) to a dance class last Saturday morning through Walkinstown, south west Dublin, when the incident occurred.

"I was stopped going right outside near the Halfway House Pub on Walkinstown Avenue on to the Drimnagh Road when suddenly there was a screech of brakes as a car broke a red light and came up behind me.

"There was only one lane, and this car was going crazy to get past me. It was like something out of a movie," Darren told the Herald.


Within seconds, the car had veered out to the right-hand side and towards Darren's car.

"There were two guys in the car. They came up alongside me and one of the guys was shaking his fist and screaming at me," he said.

"These guys were either drunk or coming from an all-night party. At this stage, my daughter in the back of my car was hysterical and screaming 'Daddy! Daddy!'"

The car, described by Darren as a "black Mercedes with a Dublin registration", then tried to force his car on to the left-hand side of the road and into a row of parked cars.

"It was life-or-death stuff. I couldn't believe what was happening.

"I manoeuvred my car on to the side of the road and this other car shot off. I was in shock immediately afterwards," he said.

The singer immediately drove to the local garda station in Crumlin to report the incident.

"It was just the suddenness of what happened. One minute you're driving along, the next you and your daughter could be dead. It can happen in the flick of an eye.

"I really hope the guards catch these guys because myself and my daughter could have been killed or seriously injured," he added.

The High Kings, who performed at the White House on St Patrick's Day last year, are about to start a world tour, with a new album from the world-famous trad group due in September.


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