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Heroin and crack addict shoplifter's 100th conviction


Aimee Cully had a ‘traumatic childhood’ and ‘suffered a lot’

Aimee Cully had a ‘traumatic childhood’ and ‘suffered a lot’

Aimee Cully had a ‘traumatic childhood’ and ‘suffered a lot’

A prolific shoplifter who racked up her 100th conviction after stealing candles from a department store had gone from "zero to 100" on drugs at the time, a court heard.

Aimee Cully (25) was a heroin and crack cocaine addict when she carried out the latest theft.

Judge Gerard Jones jailed her for two months, but made the sentence concurrent to a prison term she is already serving.

Cully, of Oliver Bond House, in Dublin's south inner city, pleaded guilty to stealing three Yankee candles from Shaw's Department Store, George's Street, Dun Laoghaire, on October 17, 2018.

Dublin District Court was told she had 99 previous convictions, including for theft.

The most recent was handed down last month, when she was jailed for another theft. 

There was "no shying away" from Cully's previous record, her lawyer said.

She had had a traumatic childhood, after which her young life "spiralled".


Cully "did make something of herself" and went back to college, where she took a course in youth, community and social studies, the lawyer added.

However, she suffered another personal tragedy, after which her drug use spiralled out of control and she became addicted to heroin and crack cocaine.

"She went from zero to 100 in her drug use," her barrister said.

The accused also suffered a very bad injury in a car crash a number of years ago, was in a coma for a time and struggled to pay for the pain medication afterwards as she did not have a medical card, the court heard

Cully was making good use of her time in Mountjoy Prison's Dochas Centre and was studying hair and beauty.

She wished to engage more in education and had applied to do a psychology course in prison.

Judge Jones said he would not extend Cully's time in custody as she had "suffered a lot".

He made the two months concurrent to her existing sentence.

"Thanks," the accused told the judge when the case concluded.