Sunday 21 January 2018

Hero Patrick may return home today as attacker is linked to second mugging


Patrick O’Sullivan underwent like-saving surgery after his brave attempt to stop the robbery
Patrick O’Sullivan underwent like-saving surgery after his brave attempt to stop the robbery

A heroic teenager, who was stabbed after he attempted to prevent a robbery, is hoping to return home as early as today following the terrifying incident.

Patrick O'Sullivan (16) was knifed in the abdomen as he tried to stop a woman being mugged late on Friday evening in a south Dublin estate.

The teenager also suffered a fractured arm after becoming involved in a struggle with the assailant. He had to undergo life-saving surgery as a result of the knife wound.

Patrick's family are hopeful that he will be released from hospital today.

His mum, Marie Davidson, said that she hopes highlighting his story will make criminals think twice about the consequences of their actions.

The Herald can also reveal that the same attacker is believed to be behind a separate mugging the previous evening when a woman was robbed at knife point.

A man approached a woman as she walked along an isolated street in the Jobstown estate, and proceeded to hold a Stanley blade to her throat.

The thug stole the terrified woman's purse before fleeing the area on a bicycle.


Local Fianna Fail councillor Charlie O'Connor described the attacks as "absolutely outrageous" and wished young Patrick a speedy recovery.

"It's a great concern; it has been highlighted in the media recently with the number of knife crimes being carried out. It doesn't just happen in Jobstown, it happens everywhere.

"It is just far too easy for someone to attack another with a knife, and the authorities and the courts must do their best to come down hard on those who perpetrate these attacks," Mr O'Connor said.

"My thoughts are with the young man and I wish him a speedy recovery, and I'd urge anyone in the Tallaght area to co-operate with gardai in relation to the incident."

Officers from Tallaght Garda Station are investigating. No arrests have yet been made.

Patrick was walking back to his grandparents' house in Jobstown at around 8.30pm on Friday when he heard a woman screaming.

He ran to help and saw a man trying to steal her handbag. The brave teen intervened, but the thief managed to take the bag during the struggle and fled on a bike.

Patrick gave chase for a short distance but returned to help the woman who was still screaming. He took her to her parents' home. It was only when she was safely in the house that Patrick noticed blood seeping through his clothes.

He was rushed to Tallaght Hospital and underwent emergency surgery when consultants realised that he had internal bleeding.

His mum said that Patrick hadn't felt the stabbing initially. Neither he nor the woman involved knew the man had a knife.

"We're extremely proud of him, he's our hero," Marie said. "He had to have life-saving surgery because it cut one of his main arteries."

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