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Hero grabs wheel as bus driver passes out

Two passengers who saved a bus that went out of control when its driver passed out have become local heroes in Poland.

Many of the 20 people aboard the bus screamed in panic when the driver suddenly fell off his seat in the fast moving vehicle near the town of Kierzemark.

"He's fallen off!" shouted Irena, a middle-aged passenger. "Can anyone drive?"

Dramatic CCTV footage shows her grab the steering wheel as the bus veers left into an oncoming lane of the road and hits the side of a car.

The bus then clobbers a road sign, smashing its windshield. With the assistance of passenger Gabriela Donke-Banach, Irena regains control of the bus and brings it back into its lane.


A male passenger then intervenes and brings the bus to a halt.

At that point, the driver regains consciousness and asks: "What has happened?"

He didn't appear to be hurt, but he was hospitalised for tests.

"I don't know how I did it. I was in shock," Irena said, adding that she doesn't even have a driver's licence.

Asked why she had assisted Irena, Donke-Banach, a woman in her 20s, said: "It was an instinctive action to help the woman and to live because I want to live."

Piotr Topolewicz, the head of PKS Gdansk, which owns the bus, said the two women prevented a major crash. He offered the women permanent free bus fares.