Monday 24 June 2019

Herbal tea is Taoiseach's tipple while on business

Leo has ‘breakfast box’ on jet
Leo has ‘breakfast box’ on jet

Leo Varadkar really does practice what he preaches.

We all know the Taoiseach likes to keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle. And, even when travelling on the Government jet, it seems Mr Varadkar doesn't give into junk food.

The Taoiseach's "Breakfast Box" is listed as part of the aircraft's official "requirement list" before take-off.

The box contains Alpen muesli, porridge oats and assorted jams and marmalades. A range of herbal teas are also on the menu.


The Government plane - a Learjet 45 - entered service in 2004 and operates seven days a week, ferrying the Taoiseach and an array of ministers to a range of overseas engagements.

For those Government officials who aren't as dedicated to a healthy diet as the Taoiseach, a range of other snacks are also available.

Tayto crisps, Doritos and Pringles can be enjoyed, as well as some salsa and sour cream dips.

A range of sandwiches, salads and pastries are also on offer.

Records obtained by the Sunday Independent show €1,120 is spent each year on the in-flight bar.

The most popular tipple consumed on board is a gin and tonic. The most popular beer is Heineken, followed by Guinness and Carlsberg.

Some 824 glasses of red and white wine have been consumed by those travelling on board in the last five years.

Perh aps unsurprisingly, the jet has been making more frequent visits to Brussels since the UK's Brexit vote.

Latest figures show it has been used for 30 trips to Brussels so far this year at a cost of €438,795. This compares to 24 flights recorded over the same period last year - with a bill of €288,000.

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