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Help for young jobless to start their own firm

A NEW programme aims to help unemployed young people start their own enterprise.

The Occupation Transformation established by Partas, a non-profit organisation, helps 18- to 25-year-olds to start their own enterprises in an effort to overcome youth unemployment.

The course, which is 16 hours a week and free of charge, begins on February 11 and will run for 18 weeks.

It offers FETAC accreditation across modules such as Starting Your Own Business, Career Planning and Sales And Marketing Management.

John Kearns, Chief Executive of PARTAS, said that it is important that Ireland's youth unemployment levels are addressed.

"Unless this is remedied soon, we face the probability of leaving an entire generation behind," he said.

"Measures need to be taken to arrest this decline.

"Occupation Transformation offers a huge opportunity to young people willing to take matters into their own hands and try something different, innovative and new."