Tuesday 26 March 2019

Heatwave will keep on rolling

Americans Ian and Ivy Johnstone enjoy the sunshine
Americans Ian and Ivy Johnstone enjoy the sunshine

The summer of 2018 is set to go down in history, with no end to the record-breaking heatwave in sight.

Sun worshippers are advised to stock up on sun cream as Met Eireann predicts that the rest of July will see temperatures stay well above 20C.

Forecaster John Eagleton told the Herald that it's very unlikely that the weather will change anytime soon.

"The warm spell isn't going anywhere," he said.

"We have a 10-day horizon where we can predict what the weather will be like, but saying that we're still able to tell when a change is on its way. We haven't seen any indication that temperatures are going to drop so it's unlikely that we'll see much rain for the rest of July."

The Met Eireann forecaster added that this weekend will see temperatures reach up to 29C.

"It's going to be another very warm weekend," he said.

"Although it won't exceed 30C like last week, Sunday and Monday will be see temperatures rise to 28-29C."

Cassie the dog and Daragh Applebee (3) from Castleknock at Portmarnock Beach.
Cassie the dog and Daragh Applebee (3) from Castleknock at Portmarnock Beach.

Today will be warm and sunny, with highest temperatures of 22 to 25C with humidity levels rising, he added.


According to Met Eireann's monthly data report, rainfall for the Phoenix Park last month was measured at 3.8mm - the lowest June figure since 1941.

And in the Midlands, Shannon Airport saw its highest temperatures since 1946, with mercury levels peaking at 32C last week.

With no significant rainfall forecast over the next five days, a Status Yellow drought warning remains in place.

It is expected to last until July 11, with a possible chance of it being extended.

Meanwhile, Irish Water said the situation across the country remained "unchanged" with demand remaining high and above sustainable levels.

The nationwide hosepipe ban takes effect from this morning, and people are urged not to water gardens, wash cars or fill paddling pools or ornamental ponds. Customers are asked to avoid baths in favour of short showers and to turn off taps while brushing their teeth.

More than 100 drinking water schemes remain at risk, and restrictions are in place across Carlow, Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry, Kilkenny, Laois, Limerick, Longford, Offaly, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath and Wexford.

Laoise Bunn (4) from Lecarrow, Co Roscommon, enjoys her ice cream
Laoise Bunn (4) from Lecarrow, Co Roscommon, enjoys her ice cream

In an effort to encourage people to cut down on water use, a charity is offering free shower timers that will limit your daily wash to just four minutes, with the gadgets available as prizes on their Facebook page.

Global Action Plan Ireland claims that a 10-minute power shower uses 250 litres of water, but if the public reduced that to four minutes they could save around 150 litres of water.

"We believe that all of us can choose to make a difference to our environment and our pockets with small, realistic changes to behaviour," said Vanessa Moore, chief executive of Global Action Plan Ireland.

"People are leading busy lives so our organisation offers practical solutions that can be easily done without too much time and effort.

"We are delighted that the very real need for water conservation is getting some awareness with the current weather.

"Water is precious and our mindsets need to change. Part of this is being savvy with the water we use and this includes the time we take in the shower all year round."

The Department of Agriculture's Condition Red warning for extreme fire risk is still in force until noon today.

The Office of Emergency Planning is also urging the public to avoid travelling anywhere in the vicinity of wildfires that have broken out throughout the country.

"This puts you at serious risk and hampers the emergency services access to responding to such incidents, particularly in remote areas where road access may be difficult," a spokesperson warned.

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