Wednesday 22 November 2017

Heatwave set to continue, but warm conditions may bring thunder as well

Good weather at the fortyfoot, Sandycove
Good weather at the fortyfoot, Sandycove

A HEATWAVE could be on the way, with Met Eireann predicting that the weekend's good weather could return within days.

The forecaster said that many places would be dry today, with top temperatures of 18C to 21C.

"As the week goes on they might even get a little bit higher," forecaster Pat Clarke told the Herald.

"Wednesday and Thursday will be both be very warm or hot days in many parts of the country, with a good deal of sunshine likely."

It could be a rollercoaster ride midweek, as high humidity also means a good chance of thunder, particularly in Dublin.


"Dublin will be warm and humid as well, with a nice breeze blowing along the coast. It could be liable for some thundery showers too, but it may not get the frontal rain that other areas can expect," said Mr Clarke.

"The warm weather is coming from the east, which is good news for Dublin.

"Certainly the city will get its fair share of what- ever heat is going."

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