Monday 21 May 2018

Heartbreaking tears of Danielle's boy

David Kelly, partner of tragic Danielle Carroll, with their children Carter and DJ
David Kelly, partner of tragic Danielle Carroll, with their children Carter and DJ

The baby son of tragic Danielle Carroll, who took her own life last month while on the housing list, looks at pictures of her and cries out for his mother.

Ms Carroll (27) died by suicide while in emergency accommodation.

She had been staying at the Leixlip House Hotel, in Co Kildare, since her rented accommodation was sold by its owner at the start of this year.

Ms Carroll had been offered one house, only to have the offer withdrawn later and another property suggested to her, which she felt wasn't suitable for bringing up two young boys.

Her eldest son DJ is seven, and Carter is just 20 months.

Now, her heartbroken partner, David Kelly, has called for help to secure a home for their two young boys.

"It's two weeks, I'm still getting up every morning and trying to push on, as hard as it is. It breaks my heart into a million pieces," he said.


"Carter is looking at these pictures every morning and he's crying 'mama, mama'.

"All I know is that I'm not made of steel. It's as if I don't exist. I feel as if I've been thrown in a cage. Danielle's gone, we're here on our own."

Mr Kelly said he wants answers about why the first offer of a house for Ms Carroll was withdrawn and revealed the boys still have no permanent place to stay.

"She won't rest in her grave until they have a home," Mr Kelly told the Sunday World.

"Four o'clock this morning I'm waking up, and all of a sudden I'm waking up to a song played at Danielle's funeral just out of the blue on my sister's phone.

"She said ever since she played that song, it just comes on out of the blue.

"I felt someone was touching me in the back and I thought 'what is going on inside this house?'. She's trying to push me on here," he added in an interview over the weekend, speaking from his mother's house in Jobstown.

He is struggling to create a normal life for the couple's son's but said he wasn't blaming anyone.


"But they still have nothing for me. The only one making calls has been me," Mr Kelly added.

He has been told the only housing offer that can be made for him was to go back into emergency accommodation.

"I'm not going back to the Leixlip House Hotel where it all happened," he said.

"I said to them that the only difference between that room and Mountjoy Prison is that Mountjoy has bars on the windows."

He said there were at least 20 empty houses near his mother's home in west Dublin.

"The only thing I want, more than anything else on the planet, is a house, so they [the boys] can have a home."

He said all of the family's belongings are in a van that is parked outside his mother's house.

"Every single night, every single morning I'm waking up to only half my family, because the other half is gone," said Mr Kelly.

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