Friday 24 November 2017

Hearing baby boy Tom laugh at 4am is lovely, says new mum Maia Dunphy

Maia and Johnny Vegas
Maia and Johnny Vegas

She became a mum for the first time back in July, and while Maia Dunphy might be wrecked from late-night feeds, she couldn't be happier with baby Tom.

The presenter, who is married to comedian Johnny Vegas, admitted she's exhausted from being up at all hours with her little son but nothing can quite beat hearing her baby laughing just when she thinks she's had enough.


"Of course, I've been really, really tired but it's also lovely. This morning at 4am little Tom was just laughing his head off - he's just at that age where he's discovering giggles," Maia told the Diary.

"It's not as though you're being woken up by a party next door or a barking dog, it's your baby."

The RTE star, who is based in the UK with her famous other half, worked on two documentaries for the state broadcaster until she was eight months pregnant before taking some time out to go on a few date nights with Johnny before the birth.

"I was very lucky that I was really healthy - I had no morning sickness, I didn't really put on much weight, I didn't have any weird cravings - so nothing slowed me down [when it came to work]," she said.

"I went back to London about five weeks before I was due and that was when I stopped filming. It was really nice. We did things like going to the cinema and the theatre, all the things we mightn't get to do once the little rugrat arrived."

After taking just 10 weeks off, Maia is back working as hard as ever but she admitted she has it a lot easier compared to other working mums.

"I'm not going whinge anymore about going back to work.

"I'm still a freelancer and a natural worrier so in my mind when I take a step back I think I'll never get any work again, so it's nice to keep the hand in, especially when it works for everybody," she said.

"I'm so fortunate that I have flexibility and so does my husband."


Along with being a new mum, Maia was also recently revealed as the new ambassador for Temple Street Children's Hospital and Mi Wadi's Trick or Treat for Temple Street's campaign to raise money for a new neurology and renal outpatients unit.

"I've never been to a children's hospital and being a new mum it's obviously something that's very close to my heart. It's been a really uplifting experience and it's such a positive campaign," she said.

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