Tuesday 12 December 2017

'He won't put me off' - Convicted criminal Edward Hutch and beauty queen to go head-to-head on Winning Streak

Edward Hutch
Miss Donegal Natasha McFadden pictured at the launch of the 68th Miss Ireland 2015 in association with Crown Brush at Bucks Townhouse

IT’S been a staple of RTE’s Saturday night schedule for over two decades – but this weekend’s episode might be its most watched ever.

Convicted criminal Edward Hutch and Miss Donegal Natasha McFadden will both be attempting to spin the wheel on Saturday.

However the possible presence of Hutch hasn’t put Natasha off appearing on the show.

“That’s grand. It won’t put me off. I’m going up to have a bit of fun and win as much money as I can”, she told The Star.

The beauty queen, who has just started work as a restaurant manager, initially thought it was a joke when her family told her that her name was called.

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“I got the phone call and I thought it was a joke. Even when I checked the website and read my name, I thought they had fixed the website.”

She said she’ll be brining 24 of her family and friends with her – including boyfriend Chris who has cancelled a planned trip to Spain for a stag.

“I’ll have to get him something special out of my winnings now”, she said.

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She is guaranteed to go home with at least €20,000 – and said anything on top of that would be a bonus.

She’s planning on using her winnings as part of a deposit on a house.

Yesterday The Herald revealed that convicted criminal Edward Hutch, nephew of former crime boss Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch is due to appear on the show.

It is not yet known whether Hutch will take his seat on the show – participants are allowed nominate someone to go in their place.

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