Sunday 24 February 2019

'He never harassed me' - Dublin actress who left agency

Susan Ateh was signed up by Vincent Cirrincione
Susan Ateh was signed up by Vincent Cirrincione

An Irish actress has said she was lucky to leave an LA agency before its boss was accused of sexually harassing many of its stars.

Susan Ateh, who appears in tomorrow night's episode of Come Home, said she was relieved nothing ever happened to her.

"I was with Vincent Cirrincione for several years but he never harassed me," she said.

"I left him seven months ago and moved to an amazing agency.

"As I came back into the States a few weeks ago he was all over the papers and his company had closed.

"It has been terrible, but I feel blessed that I didn't encounter any of that. It's terrible that any woman should have to face that - or any man, as men are going through this too."


Cirrincione, who represented superstar Halle Berry during her rise to fame, has been accused by nine women of sexual harassment.

Three alleged victims said he pushed for sex as a condition of representing them, and a fourth said he claimed he could help her career provided she had sex with him once a month. They all refused.

A fifth said he masturbated in front of her in his office. Eight of the women were African-American and one Asian.

He was known for promoting the careers of black stars.

The 70-year-old showbiz manager has admitted pursuing sexual favours but has denied demanding them as a condition of representation.

After the allegations made headlines earlier this year, he closed down his agency.

Ateh said she was signed up by Cirrincione a decade ago after she appeared in Hollywood Trials, a six-part RTE series about 10 Irish would-be stars trying to make it in LA.

They included Boyzone's Mikey Graham, Holly White from Dan & Becs and Chris Newman, currently in Red Rock.

"It was one of the reasons I am in LA. I would not be here otherwise," she said.

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